Taking 2nd Exit

First Roundbout
2nd exit - Right.

Second Roundabout
2nd exit - Straight Ahead

Google Map of roundabouts

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It is the actual position of the exit on the roundabout that determines how you negotiate and proceed to that exit, not its number

Provided the roundabout has either one or two lanes and is symmetrical in so far as the lanes do not merge or split the rules are:-,
If taking the 1st exit, irrespective of its position, stay left.
All exits before or at 'Straight Ahead' stay left.
All exits after straight ahead (or past 12 O'Clock) Go Right. The number of exits on the roundabout is immaterial.

If the roundabout has lanes which merge and split or have 'dedicated' lanes, for example, the left lane for first exit only, then it is impossible to have a 'One size fits all' explanation, you therefore obey and follow the signs and lane markings.

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