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Driving School Ireland
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Standard Procedure for Conducting Driving Tests


The RSA will normally notify the tester of any 'fill-in', i.e. replacement applicant, either by mail, telephone or fax. In a case where a person attends for test and the tester has no prior knowledge of the appointment, the tester should always verify the appointment with headquarters in Ballina, by telephone / voice mail. The name of the replacement applicant is entered close to, or under the list of names on the daily/computer sheet, together with the time of appointment and the applicant's reference number. The Pass Certificate number is also entered opposite the new name. With Saturday or overtime testing, the test should be conducted where a 'fill-in' applicant attends with a written appointment. However, where no notification has been issued, the test should not be conducted unless the applicant's status can be confirmed by head office.