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Moving Off

Moving Off safely and under Full Control.

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Our Objective: To move off from the side of the road safely and under full control

Status of Car: Engine running, in neutral and handbrake on.

Depress the clutch and select 1st gear. (Palm facing away)

Set the power of the engine, that is rev the engine slightly to a nice "Happy Sound".

Now let the clutch up very slowly, until you hear the sound of the engine deepen.

Stop at this point, you have found the bite or the holding point. Now hold both feet still.

Check to the front of the car, interior mirror, right mirror and over your right shoulder for the blind spot., look to the front

If safe and clear, indicate

Release the handbrake and return your hand to the steering wheel.

Let the clutch up very slightly, also increase gas very slightly

The car should now start moving slowly forward.

Wait a second or so until the car has gained a little momentum.

Increase gas, let the clutch up smoothly all the way

Stopping at the side of the road.

MIRRORS Check see if safe

SIGNAL - left


Come off the gas and cover both clutch and brake pedals

Steer towards the kerb or side of road.

Brake gently

Depress the clutch quickly and fully, just before the engine would start to labour

When fully stopped, apply handbrake and select neutral

Cancel indicator

You may now safely take your feet off the pedals

BMW 116i Tuition Car