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Video on The Turnabout
"3 point Turn"

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In the Irish driving test, you will be requested to execute the above manoeuvre. It is an exercise designed to test your observation and car control skills.

Instructions Given:- I would like you to turn your car around on the road to face the opposite way. You may go over and back more than once if necessary. You may start when you are ready.

Before Starting. You will be criss-crossing a road, therefore two essential points.

  1. Continuous all around Observation.
  2. Ensure the car does not stall by setting the "Gas" sufficiently so that the engine is revving happily throughout, keep the speed of the car low by using "Clutch Control"

The Turnabout Manoeuvre.

Get Ready, that is, select 1st Gear, rev the engine slightly, find the holding (or biting) point, check all around the car and if clear, release the handbrake.

Drive slowly forward, turning the steering wheel rapidly to the right, keeping the speed of the car low by clutch control. Get full lock on the wheel as soon as possible.

As you slowly cross the road maintain continuous observations all around. As the car approaches within 0.75 to 1.0 meter from the kerb, continue slowly forward but quickly turn the steering wheel to the left, that is opposite lock to the way you had been turning.

Just before the car wheels touch the kerb, or the overhang or front of the car reaches the pavement or any other obstruction, Stop.

Put on the handbrake, select reverse gear, rev the engine, find the holding point, check all around and if clear, looking backwards through the back and/or side windows release the handbrake.

Again using clutch control move slowly backwards, turning the wheel this time quickly to the left until full steering lock achieved.

As you slowly reverse, maintain all around observations.

When the car reaches 0.75 or 1.0 meter of the kerb, continue moving backwards and quickly reverse lock the steering wheel, that is quickly turn the wheel to the right.

Just before reaching the kerb/obstruction, stop.

Put on the handbrake, select 1st gear, rev the engine, find the holding point, check all around the car and if clear release the handbrake.

Again move off, maintaining slow speed, quick steering and observations all around.

If you will not clear the kerb, then reverse lock, stop, handbrake, select reverse, and repeat above until you can comfortably clear the kerb.

Few further points:-

  1. It is NOT a 3 point turn
  2. If traffic arrives, finish which ever "leg" you are on. Then stop, make eye contact with the other driver. See what they intend to do. Let you ocntinue or drive past. Do Not wave them on.
  3. you should indicate the first and the last time
  4. you should refrain from turning the steering wheel whilst the car is stationary. However you will not be marked if you "Dry Steer". ie turning the wheel whilst the car is stationary. (Severe on tyres and steering mechanism)
  5. You may cross your hands, use one hand, two hands whatever to turn the wheel, just turn it quickly and effectively

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