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Standard Procedure for Conducting Driving Tests

Accident on Test

The test is 'abandoned' where damage or injury occurs, and no decision is given, i.e. a 'L' Certificate or Report Sheet is not completed. However, the appropriate fault is recorded on the Report Sheet where applicable. The applicant should be told that the test is abandoned.

(In a minor collision where there is no apparent injury or damage, the test should continue. However, a note should be put on the back of the Report Sheet).

An Accident Report Form must be fully completed in all abandoned cases, including a sketch of the scene, and the entire file should be returned direct to the H.E.O. at head office. The tester should write 'Sent Direct' opposite the applicant's name on the computer sheet. The applicant should be advised of the necessity to take particulars and report the matter to the Gardai, if the other driver/owner is not present. The Tester should not comment on the accident to anybody, but should give his/her name and address, c/o the RSA, if asked for it. If the applicant seeks further information regarding his/her application, he/she should be advised to contact head office. The Tester should not advise the applicant that a further appointment will be arranged by the RSA. The Tester may have to make his/her own way back to the office. Where the Tester gets a lift back from the applicant following abandonment, the folder should be closed. A non conducted report sheet should be completed and issued.