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Driving test Questions with Answers.

New:- Rules of the Road

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And Some Quizzes

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Road Markings

Q1   What does a single broken white line along the centre of the road mean. ?

A. Alert drivers to danger and must not be crossed unless safe to do so.

Q2   What does a continuous white line along the centre of the road signify. ?

A . All traffic must keep to the left. Must not cross

Q3   On what occasions can you cross a continuous white line.??

  • In an emergency and for accesss
  • When directed to do so by a Guard

Q4   Are you allowed to park opposite a continuous white line.?

A. No

Q5   Where there is a continuous and a broken white line along the centre of the road, which one do you obey. ?

A. One nearest the driver

Q6   What does two broken white lines along the centre of the road indicate. ?

A. Alert drivers to continuous lines ahead. Must not be crossed unless safe

Q7   Where would you see a broken yellow line. ?

A. Edge of carriageway where hard shoulder is provided. (May be used to allow faster traffic to overtake )

Q8    What road markings would accompany a " No Entry" sign. ?

A Continuous and broken line - also words "No Entry"

Q9    What does the white Zig-Zag line at a Zebra Crossing mean. ?

A. No Overtaking No Parking

Road Procedure

Q10   Complete the following

You can stop on a box junction ONLY

  • You are turning ....Right.......?
  • Your exit is .. Clear.......?
  • Your way is held up by ....Oncoming Traffic.

Q11   Where two cars are turning into the same road from opposite directions, one turning left the other right, who has priority. ?

A. Car turning left

Q12   Who has priority at a junction of equal importance.?

A. Traffic to Right

Q13   Who has priority at a roundabout. ?

A. Traffic on the roundabout

Q14   When can you overtake on the left or on the inside.?

A. When traffic is moving more slowly in the lane to your right

When driver ahead has moved out and indicated his intention to turn right

Q15   What are the rules regarding Bus Lanes. ?

Bus lanes are reserved for buses which provide a scheduled service

2 types. With - Flow (which may be used by taxis and cyclists

Contra - Flow - Reserved exclusively for Bus Eireann and Bus Atha Cliath

Q16   On what occasions should you give way to pedestrians.?

A. Already crossing at junction

On Zebra crossing

on Pelican crossing with red or flashing amber.

Q17   Where should you not overtake. ?

A. Where view ahead is restricted (brow of hill, bend, dip in road, bridge etc etc.)

Zig-Zag lines at Ped lights

Road markings (continuous lines etc)

Q18   How far should you be following behind the vehicle in front on a Dry Road, on Wet ? ?

A. 2 seconds and 4 seconds

Night Driving.

Q20   When/Where would you dip your headlights.

  • Behind a car
  • Meeting a car
  • Built up areas or special speed limit areas
  • Continuously lit roads outside above
  • Beginning and end lighting up time.
  • Poor Visibility due fog rain etc
  • To avoid inconvenience to others

Q21   What would you do if you became dazzled. ?

A. Slow down stop if necessary


Q22   Where should you not park. ?

  • On Zig Zag's.
  • Where solid white lines in centre of road
  • On Double yellow lines
  • Single yellow lines during business hours
  • Areas marked as Bus stops, taxi-ranks.
  • Loading bay during business hrs
  • Within 5 meters of junctions
  • Any place vision restricted, ie bends, brow of hill, bridges
  • With-Flow bus lanes during hours of operation
  • Cycle Track
  • School Entrances

Q23   How far should you park from a junction

A. Over 5 meters

Q24   You should park within what distance from kerb.. ?

A. 45 Centimeters

Q25   How far should you park from a pedestrian Crossing or Zebra Crossing, on a two way street, ? one way?

A. 15 meters 2 way

On One-way, 15 meters on approach, 5 meters exit side

Q26   What does a single yellow line mean. ?

A. No parking during office hours

Q27   What does a "Clearway " mean.?

A. No Parking during specified times

Q28   What does a double yellow line mean. ?

A. No parking at all at all

The Vehicle.

Q29   What lights should a car be equipped with. ?

  • 2 Headlamps (white or Yellow)
  • 2 white front sidelamps
  • 2 red rear lamps
  • 2 red stop lamps
  • 2 red rear reflectors
  • white number plate at rear
  • amber indicators

Q30   What is the Legal minimum thread depth of a tyre?

A. 1.6 MM

Q31   When are the 7 times you should check the Interior mirror?

A. Moving off, overtaking, changing lanes, slowing down, stopping, turning, opening door

Traffic Lights

Q32   What is the sequence for traffic lights. i.e. in what order do they change. ??

A. Red, Green, Amber

Q32A   Where would you see a flashing RED light. ??

A. Railway Crossing

Q33   What is a filter light. ?

A. Arrow light, generally green, you may proceed in direction of arrow

Q34   When can you legally cross the white line, when lights are showing arnber.?

A. Too late to stop safely

Q35   What are the rules regarding a flashing Amber light. ?   A steady amber light ??

A. Proceed with caution.

. Stop  

Q36. lit2
           You are turning right.  Green circle light lit only. Is it necessary to wait for the filter light if junction clear of oncoming traffic?

A. No

Q36a.  What colour light is showing to oncoming traffic when the green circle light only is lit.?          

A.   Green also

Q36b.  What colour light is showing to oncoming traffic when the green circle and the green filter light are lit. ?

A. Red

Q38. lite1

You are turning right.  Straight ahead Green filter light and red light lit. Is it necessary to wait for the right filter light if junction clear of oncoming traffic?

A. Yes

Q39 You are approaching traffic lights and they change to amber, what action do you take. ???

A. Stop unless unsafe to do so


Q40   Identify the signals given by Gardai controlling traffic on page..9. of  the Rules of the Road. ?


Q41   Where/When should you not sound the hom.?

A. To reprimand, when stationary, hours of darkness,

Q42   What is the purpose of the horn on a car. ?

A. Warn of your presence

Q43   What is the hand signal to indicate to a Pointsman (cop on traffic control) that you wish to go straight ahead at a junction


Q44   How would you signal when following the road ahead at a roundabout. (i.e. 2nd exit)

A. Do not signal entering, indicate left half way past 1st exit

Q45   What is the legal meaning of a headlamp flash. ?

A. None.

Pedestrian Crossing and Zebra Crossings.

Q46  What is the difference between an Zebra and a Pelican Crossing.?

A. Pelican controlled by the lights., (PEdestrian LIght CONtrolled crossing,)

Zebra by presence of pedestrian

Q47   What does a flashing amber light mean at a Pelican Crossing.?

A. Proceed with caution

Q48   How would you identify a Zebra Crossing at night?

A. Flashing amber light

Q49   How does an island (with beacon), in the centre of a Zebra Crossing affect the crossing. ?

A splits it in two (ie two seperate c rossing)

Q50   What do the white Zig/Zag lines at a Zebra Crossing indicate.

A. No overtaking, no parking

Q51   Describe what a zebra crossing looks like. ?

A. Black and white road markings, flashing amber light

Q52   How should a pedestrian claim priority at a crossing?

A. Putting foot on road

Road Signs.

Q53   Identify each of the road signs on pages 65/68 of the Rules of the Road. ?


Q54   Name two places where you would see the "Keep Left " sign. ?

A Roundabout, dual carriageway

Q55   What road markings might accompany the " Keep Left " sign. ?

A. Arrow pointing left

Q56   What colour are Regulatory Signs (Must be obeyed)?

A. Red and white and
Blue and white (Mandatory signs - direction traffic MUST take at junctions

Q57   What colour/shape signs warn of danger. ?

A. Diamond, black on yellow

Q58   What colour are road works signs. ?

A. Black on orange background

Q59   What colour are Motorway signs. ?

A. Blue background, white writing or symbols

Q60   What colour signs give route information. ?

A. Brown

Seat Belts

Q61 Can you remove your seat belt to do the reverse corner manoeuvre?

A. Yes

Q62 Can you remove your seat belt to do the turnabout manoeuvre?


Q63 What people, if any, are excempt by law from wearing a seat belt ?

  • Driving Testers
  • Police or Army personnel whilst on duty
  • Driving instructors
  • Person holding medical cert stating inadvisable to do so
  • Person less than 150 centimeters in height

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