Choosing a Driving Instructor

To learn to drive,
or to pass the Irish Driving Test.

Since the 1st May 2009 all Irish driving instructors must be registered and approved by the Road Safety Authority before they can give driving lessons for reward.

To be approved each candidate must :-

  1. Be tax compliant
  2. Show that he/she is a person of good repute
  3. Pass a test of knowledge of driving theory
  4. Pass an extended driving test, and
  5. Pass an instructional ability test

And once registered an ADI will be check-tested every two years to ensure that the prescribed standard is maintained.

To find a registered instructor click on the the following link:--

RSA ADI (Approved Driving Instructor)

When selecting a driving school you should bear in mind that you will be learning a skill necessary for the remainder of your life. Therefore choose carefully. .

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