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Notes on the Driving Fault Marking Guidelines

Clearance/Overtake Safely

An applicant should allow sufficient clearance to pedestrians, cyclists, stationery vehicles, other traffic and other objects, or a fault may be recorded for 'Clearance' as appropriate.

In a congested situation, where it is necessary to pass quite closely, mirrors on vehicles may almost touch. Where vehicles are parked or stopped on a narrow road, a fault should not be recorded for 'Clearance', provided the applicant passes by slowly, safely, and in full knowledge of the position of the vehicle.

Examples of 'Clearance' faults include:

  1. Driving unnecessarily too close.
  2. Not allowing extra clearance to a cyclist or a pedestrian on a wet/windy day.

Examples of 'Overtake Safely' faults include:

  1. Where an applicant cuts in too soon after overtaking.
  2. Where an applicant is approaching a junction and intends to turn left, and where another road user, e.g. a jogger or a cyclist up ahead is also approaching the junction.
  3. Where an applicant overtakes on the approach to a bend, or a hill, or on a narrow road.
  4. Where an applicant allows excessive clearance.