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Driving School Ireland
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Standard Procedure for Conducting Driving Tests

Computer Sheets/Swaps

Testers should enter the Pass Certificate number opposite the applicant's name in red, or blue/black. Enter the name, ref no, and the time of any 'fill-in' applicant close to, or under the list of names. Enter the name of any 'swapped' applicant, and the name of the Tester who tested the original applicant. The same details should be included on the front of the file.

Permission must be obtained from the Supervisor or, if he is not available, the Chief Tester, or if he is not available, from RSA headquarters in Ballina, to 'swap' an applicant with another Tester. Computer Sheets/Daily Sheets, expenses claims and overtime sheets should be returned to the Supervisor at the end of each week, or if he is not available, to head office, in a separate envelope from the files. Where a test has not been conducted, or has been curtailed or abandoned, enter the appropriate 'Test Outcome Code' on a non-conducted report sheet, which should be completed and issued, and copy attached to the file. Where a file has been sent direct to RSA headquarters write 'SENT DIRECT' opposite the applicant's name on the computer sheet.