Rules of the Road
To Road Traffic Laws as at 1 March 2013

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Rules of the Road


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Section 1:

Before you Drive

Section 2:

Before you are a Fully licensed Driver

Section 3:

Driving Test

Section 4:

Vehicle Safety

Section 5:

Good driving practice

Section 6:

Traffic Signs and Road Markings

Section 7:

Traffic Lights and Signals

Section 8:

Speed Limits

Section 9:

Junctions and Roundabouts

Section 10:


Section 11:

Motorways and Tunnels

Section 12:

Assisting Garda.

Section 13:

What not to do.

Section 14:

Correct behaviour at the scene of an accident.

Section 15:

Penalty points, Fixed Charges and Driving Bans

Section 16:


Section 17:

Rules for cyclists

Section 18:

Rules for Pedestrians

Section 19:

Respecting other road users

Section 20:

Rules for Other Road Users

Section 21:

Regulatory Traffic Signs

Section 22:

Warning Traffic Signs

Section 23:

Road Works Signs

Section 24:

Information Signs

Section 25:

Motorway Signs

Section 26:

Legal Instruments:

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