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Notes on the Driving Fault Marking Guidelines

Vehicle Controls

An applicant should make proper use of the: - accelerator, clutch, gears, footbrake, handbrake, steering, and secondary controls or a fault may be recorded for 'Vehicle Controls' as appropriate. The 'Technical Checks' should be demonstrated correctly, as should the coupling/uncoupling exercise, as required, or the appropriate fault should be recorded. Some controls require a degree of co-ordination and should be demonstrated smoothly by the applicant.

Examples of 'Vehicle Control' faults include:

  1. Accelerator: not applied properly or at the correct time, or excessive use for the conditions.
  2. Clutch: coasting, i.e. driving for a prolonged distance with the pedal pressed in or sharp engagements causing the vehicle to jerk unnecessarily or resting the foot on the clutch pedal for prolonged periods causing it to slip or attempting to change gears without using the clutch.
  3. Gears: selecting an incorrect gear, or coasting, i.e. driving for some distance in neutral, or driving for a prolonged distance in an incorrect gear.
  4. Footbrake: non application of the footbrake, unnecessarily sharp application or late application for the circumstances.
  5. Handbrake: not applied as appropriate on an incline, or during a prolonged stop in traffic, or being applied before the vehicle has come to a halt, or inadequate application, or attempting to drive while the handbrake is still engaged.
  6. Steering: having both hands off the steering at the same time, or steering unnecessarily with one hand for a prolonged distance.
  7. Secondary controls: driving while condensation restricts visibility, or not using a secondary control as required.
  8. Technical Checks: lack of expertise, or inability to describe the various checks. (All categories). Inability to describe the D1, D or ED1 special vehicle safety checks.
  9. Inability to operate the retarder/exhaust brake as fitted to the vehicle.
  10. Coupling/uncoupling: - lack of expertise or inability to uncouple/recouple the drawing vehicle to/from the trailer or semi-trailer, or using an unsafe sequence.