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Corner Reverse
Reversing into a road to the left

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In the driving test, the purpose of the reverse manoeuvre is to demonstrate your ability to totally control the car at slow speed whilst you manoeuvre it around a corner. (Or into a 'limited opening').

The examiner will, if possible tell you to stop before a road on the left, then give following instructions "This road on the left is the one I want you to reverse your vehicle into. Will you drive past it and stop on the left, and I will give you further directions."

The reason he stops you before the road is that you can examine the corner, ascertain what shape and type and also any potential problems. It also enables him to observe you 'Moving Off', so ensure you do so under full control with all necessary observations.

You therefore, set the gas, find the holding point, check mirrors, blind spot, indicate, release handbrake and drive past the corner, driving two car lengths past and approximately two feet or 65 cms out from the kerb.

You may now if you wish adjust the left hand wing mirror. If you do, do not forget to re-adjust after the manoeuvre. You should also open your window, this will allow you to better hear any approaching traffic.

The examiner will now say "Reverse into this road on the left. You should continue reversing, while it is safe to do so, keeping reasonably close to the left. I'll tell you when you have gone back far enough; you may start when you are ready."

When ready, you now select reverse, rev the engine, find the holding point, do a full 360 degree observational check, and if clear release the handbrake.

You now proceed, giving the car a little acceleration (or gas) so that the engine is happily 'singing' and 'slipping' the clutch to control the speed.

You proceed until your back wheel is level with the point where the kerb begins to curve, at this point you stop, check all around and if safe continue, turning the wheel to keep the back of the car the same distance from the kerb.

When you are in the new road, straighten the wheel and continue reversing until the examiner tells you to stop.

Note.When reversing I use reference points through the left back and back windows. I do not normally use the left wing mirror. However when making this video I found I had to drive much closer than the normal 2 ft/60 cms from the kerb as on the video this distance appeared to be very wide. Hence the use of the left mirror. The examiners have no problem with people using the mirrors on test, provided it is coupled with good all around observation.

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