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Standard Procedure for Conducting Driving Tests

Decision Deferred

The Law, (Licensing of Drivers Regulations 1999, as amended) enables a tester to defer a decision on a driving test pending production by the applicant of a Certificate of Fitness. This could arise in a situation where, even though the applicant would normally have qualified for a Certificate of Competency on the basis of the test, the tester is of the opinion that the person may be suffering from some incapacity which may be progressive. In such cases, a 'Defer Decision' (Form D104) is issued to the applicant, and the duplicate should be attached to the file.

The applicant should not be told that he/she has passed the test, but should merely be told that the tester is - "satisfied with your driving." The Certificate of Competency should be signed by the applicant. The tester should fill in the applicants name and address on the Certificate of Competency, but should not sign or date it, and should return it direct to the H.E.O. in Ballina. The tester should write "Sent Direct" opposite the applicants name on the computer sheet. A short report should also be submitted outlining the nature of the disability.