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Driving School Ireland
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Standard Procedure for Conducting Driving Tests

Driver Testers Should Ensure That They

  1. Are punctual for all test appointments.
  2. Complete all documentation neatly and legibly, e.g. titles, names, times, dates, route no's., notes, Pass Certificates, ref no's. etc. Files should be kept in sequence.
  3. Issue all Certificates in sequence.
  4. Understand the need for regular in-car monitoring of tests, and engage in informed discussion on the test standards with the Supervisor.
  5. Conform in all respects with the instructions of the Supervisor in relation to test standards, marking of faults, assessment of applicants, test routes etc.
  6. Have adequate supplies of documentation - Certificates, Report Sheets, facing sheets, accident report sheets, routes, keys, name plate etc. for the efficient discharge of their duties.
  7. Secure files, documents, at all times.
  8. Ensure that files are posted at the end of each week.
  9. Allow the applicant to enlist the help of the accompanying person, or instructor, where brief or minor repairs are necessary, e.g. change of bulb, where time permits.
  10. Wear seat-belts in general. After the turnabout or reverse, testers should remind applicants where necessary that they may wish to put on their seat-belt.
  11. Do not rest their elbow on the vehicle windowsill in a way that may block the applicant's view.
  12. Do not conduct a test with an immediate relative, or with a personal friend.
  13. May only teach an immediate relative (son, daughter, husband or wife) to drive, and must inform head office in Ballina via the Supervisor, of the details, by way of a written note.
  14. Allow, where a tyre is punctured/flat on test, time to change it or pump it where time is available, at the discretion of the tester. The Tester should then wait outside the car.
  15. Testers should deal personally where possible with the applicant so as to establish the facts.