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Notes on the Driving Fault Marking Guidelines

React Promptly and Properly to Hazards

An applicant should show awareness by reading the road and traffic situation ahead and reacting in an appropriate manner, or a fault may be recorded for not 'Reacting Promptly and Properly to Hazards'.

Examples of 'React' faults include:

  1. Where an applicant is driving towards parked vehicles on the left, and does not move out in good time to pass them.
  2. Where an applicant meets an oncoming vehicle which is in the process of overtaking, and the applicant does not slow or stop as necessary, to allow the oncoming vehicle to pass by.
  3. Where an applicant's vision is diverted down to the controls for an extended period.
  4. Where an applicant brakes hard on an amber light when the vehicle should properly have carried on.
  5. Where an applicant drives into, or causes, or contributes unnecessarily to a 'bottleneck'.
  6. Where an applicant intends to turn from a major road into a minor or narrow road, and obliges a vehicle which intends to emerge from that road to reverse out of the way.
  7. Where an applicant is in a line of overtaking vehicles, and follows through blindly.
  8. Where an applicant is approaching children who may be playing, or pedestrians, and does not show anticipation.
  9. Where an applicant is approaching animals and does not show anticipation.
  10. Where an applicant approaches traffic lights which have been green for some time, and does not show anticipation.
  11. Where an applicant makes exaggerated use of the mirror(s) which distracts from forward observation.
  12. Where an applicant makes exaggerated/unnecessary observations to the side or rear, which distracts from forward observation.
  13. Where an applicant is on a slip-road, and intends to join a dual-carriageway, and stops unnecessarily.
  14. Where an applicant splashes pedestrians with surface water.
  15. Where an applicant is turning right and misreads the intention of another oncoming road user who is also turning right, and causes unnecessary obstruction.
  16. Where an applicant's forward visibility is restricted by condensation.
  17. Where an applicant stops unnecessarily when e.g. turning left onto a slip lane by misreading the main lights.
  18. Where an applicant has commenced to turn at traffic lights and stops unnecessarily when part way through, on seeing the red light for the other road.
  19. Where an applicant does not react correctly to speed ramps.