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Driving School Ireland
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Standard Procedure for Conducting Driving Tests

Insurance Discs

Vehicles owned by State Authorities, e.g. Government Departments and the Prison Service, vehicles in categories A1, A, M, W, and all vehicles owned by or in the custody of Bus Eireann, Bus Ath Cliath, the Commissioners of Public Works and Iarnrod Eireann, are not required to have an Insurance Disc on display. All other vehicles should have a valid Insurance Disc displayed. The Disc should contain the registration number of the vehicle, or the name of a fleet owner. Disc details must be legible. Chassis numbers are not acceptable.

Vehicles hired under a hire agreement (as distinct from a driving school vehicle), are not generally insured for the purpose of undertaking a driving test. If such a vehicle is intended to be used, the applicant must produce a note from the hire company indicating that it is insured to take a driving test. This must be given to the tester on the day. (See 'Final Checks for your Driving Test' leaflet). Photocopies of Insurance Discs are not acceptable.