Car Motor Insurance Ireland

List of Irish Insurance Companies and brokers.
Most give an immediate quote on line.

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Insurance in Ireland is extremely expensive. Therefore shop around. Obtain quotes from all the insurance companies and brokers.


When requesting a quote, point out any circumstance whch may lower the premium, ie is the car garaged or kept in a safe area overnight. Is it fitted with a good alarm or immobilizer ?


When completing the application form ensure all details are correct. Any change to the car since it left the showroom ? . Anything removed or any extras installed. For example, spoilers, alloy wheels, upgraded sound system, larger engine etc etc. ? ?.


The insurance companies normally accept all details on the application form at face value. They seldom if ever check.. However, if you have a claim they will, without fail, check all details. Any omissions or inaccuracies, whither relevant to the claim or not may invalidate the policy.


If you have accumulated any penalty points these must be declared


When placing a value on the car, do not overvalue, if you have a claim the insurance company will calculate the market value and use that figure, not yours.


However, do not undervalue in order to obtain a reduced premium as again if there is a claim they will not pay the full amount as they will claim you were under-insured - not properly insured..


When valuing the car do not use a "round" figure, ie €5,000, €10,000 whatever. Instead use €4995, €9995 etc. You MAY get into a lower premium bracket and it will not make any difference if you are unfortunate to have a claim.


Final point. Especially if young, Get quotes BEFORE purchasing your dream car




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