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Standard Procedure for Conducting Driving Tests


Including where a signer accompanies an applicant with speech/hearing difficulties. A driving instructor should not be allowed to act as an interpreter. Where an interpreter is employed, the tester should ask all the relevant questions on the Rules of the Road, and should turn the 'sign' card towards the applicant and away from the interpreter. Hand signals should be asked at the desk. Before proceeding with the practical test, the tester should demonstrate the signals to the interpreter which will be used to indicate e.g. slow down and stop, turn left, or right, turnabout, reverse, etc., and ensure that the applicant clearly understands them.

The Secondary Controls, Checks, and Technical Checks should be completed at the vehicle before the practical test commences. The interpreter/signer should be involved, if necessary. The interpreter/signer may also be involved, if available, when the result is being issued at the end of the test. No other person is allowed to accompany the applicant on test.

(In certain exceptional cases, alternative arrangements may have to be made by the RSA). Where no interpreter is present and the Tester is experiencing severe difficulty with language, the test should be abandoned. See office Notice D.T 1/2004. A non-conducted report sheet should be completed and issued.