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Notes on the Driving Fault Marking Guidelines


An applicant should make proper use of mirror(s) before moving off, overtaking, changing lanes, roundabouts, turning right, turning left, slowing and stopping, or a fault may be recorded for 'Mirror(s)' as appropriate.

On Category 'B' car tests, faults which are incurred for not making proper use of the external mirror(s) are recorded as 'Observation' faults and not as 'Mirror' faults in this case. On van or H.G.V. tests, the faults are recorded as 'Mirror' faults.

The mirror(s) to be used should be clean, serviceable, and correctly adjusted.

The use of the mirror(s) should be correctly timed - not too early or too late.

As mirror use is related to 'Observations', some driving situations can be covered by either option, and in these situations this is acceptable provided it is done correctly.

On long straight stretches of road, the mirror(s) should be used from time to time to provide a picture of following or overtaking traffic.

Additional use of mirror(s) is required on vehicles such as vans, trucks, buses when e.g. about to move off from the kerb, or changing lane.

In all cases, a tester must be certain that an applicant did not make proper use of the mirrors, before recording a mirror fault.