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Notes on the Driving Fault Marking Guidelines


A motorcycle applicant, in addition to complying with all the aforementioned requirements, should perform a 'U-turn' showing good control and taking good observations, and should perform a slow drive for at least 50 metres, showing good balance. The applicant should remove the machine from its stand, and should park the machine on its stand, or a fault may be recorded for 'Motorcycle' as appropriate. Use of a side-stand is acceptable. The helmet strap attachment should be secured.

Normal 'Observation' faults are recorded under Section 3 on the Report Sheet.

However, 'Safety Glance' faults are recorded in the Motorcycle section.

'Safety Glance' faults are defined as not looking around to check blind spots as necessary 'before moving off', 'before changing lane' and 'before turning right' or in similar circumstances where it is deemed necessary by the tester. Where a machine is incapable of completing the U-turn due to a fairing, or on a narrow road, discretion should be allowed, including the use of a reverse gear, if fitted.