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Parallel Park

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Learning to Parallel Park

Select a quiet road and a car with a large gap behind.

Stop parallel to the car leaving two to three feet of a gap between the two cars. Lower your left wing mirror.

Check all around and if clear reverse straight back until the rear bumper of your car is level with bumper of other car.

At this point again stop and check all around.

Continue reversing slowly and as you do turn the steering wheel to the left one full revolution, that is one full 'lock'.


Using your left wing mirror continue reversing until the back left wheel is about two to three feet from the kerb, at this point, turn the steering wheel fairly quickly to the right

When the back wheel is a few inches from the kerb straighten the steering wheel

Until you have experience, for the initial left turn, only put one 'lock' on the wheel, that is just turn it one full turn and do so relatively slowly

However, when you have gained experience and wish to park in smaller gaps simply put more of a lock on the wheel and/or turn the steering wheel quicker. Whilst still of course moving slowly

When practicing as you may be looking for long periods in the wing mirror, please have your accompanying driver keeping a good lookout for pedestrians, other traffic etc.

Also, when you have gained more confidence, as you reverse check for reference points through your windows. For example, check to see if the kerb becomes visible through the left back window as you approach. Also check to the front, see how the car you are reversing behind appears in relation to your car, say using your pillars and the head lamps/tail lights of the other car as reference points. Then use these instead of the mirror, much safer and faster.

Final point, when you start turning sharply to fit into a smaller area,do not forget to check that you will not hit the other car when straightening

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