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Forum Rules

Post by john » Thu Sep 19, 2002 10:00 am


On this forum you will obtain expert advice on learning to drive and in preparing for and passing the driving test.

Feel free to post your own comments, share your experience on learning to drive and the driving test. Post your views on the new EDT system. Complain on the testing system, the examiners, whatever, but please do not name individual examiners or instructors.

Company names, acronyms of company names, domain names and email addresses are not permitted for user names or avatars.

Until a member has made a positive contribution to the forum, (by making at least five posts and regular posts thereafter), they are not allowed to post links in their posts or signature. Any person who joins and posts a spam link in their first post will have their account immediately deleted and the link and/or post removed.

This is NOT a free advertising hoarding.

Therefore, do not make promotional posts on Driving Schools, Instructors or promote any other goods or services.

If a member requests the name of a good instructor, and you genuinely believe your instructor is properly qualified to teach people to drive and prepare them for the driving test, then PM their details to the interested party. Do not post their details on the forum.

If any member requests and then receives a recommendation via PM please send a copy of the received PM to me - the Admin. I shall then keep it on file. If you are then unhappy with the recommended instructor then please advise me again. If on investigation it is another instructor spamming we may then name and shame the offender.

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