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31st Dec 2008

Joanne Williams

16th Dec 2008

Sandra Ozolina

15th Dec 2008

Wayne Wallace-O'Donavan

10th Dec 2008

Sharon Gallagher

01st Dec 2008

Kryzystof Suchenek

27th Nov 2008

Paul Collins

20th Nov 2008

Stephen Lockhart

17th Nov 2008

Anthony Cummins
Bridget McCole

14th Nov 2008

Neil Howley

12th Nov 2008

Aoife Moran

07th Nov 2008

Glen Horan
Gavin McGolderick
Keith Brehony

28th Oct 2008

Denise Potter
David Skeffington

16th Oct 2008

Teresa McGowan

15th Oct 2008

Lee Chambers

14th Oct 2008

John Carty

13th Oct 2008

Thomas Gormley

10th Oct 2008

Catherine Swift

09th Oct 2008

Catherine Stenson

08th Oct 2008

Kevin Traynor
Christopher Gannon

26th Sept 2008

Majella Lehany

23rd Sept 2008

Grainne Crowley

16th Sept 2008

Padraic Feeney

13th Sept 2008

Neil Ewing

11th Sept 2008

Eoin Corcoran

09th Sept 2008

Laura Mahon

08th Sept 2008

Aidan Sheridan

02nd Sept 2008

Noel Kerins

18th Aug 2008

Michelle Walsh

16th Aug 2008

Amanda Wheeler

12th Aug 2008

Seana Feeney

07th Aug 2008

Michelle Meehan

06th Aug 2008

Danniel Gallagher

01st Aug 2008

Ciaran McDermott
Nicola Scanlon

01st Aug 2008

Ciaran McDermott
Nicola Scanlon

24th July 2008

Avril McManus
Shane Healy

21st July 2008

Jamie Carswell

11th July 2008

Siobhan Somers

09th July 2008

Conor Fahey

04th July 2008

Declan Ryan
Kristina Ebeling
Gwendolyn Scarbrough
Orla Cox

03rd July 2008

Patrick Gilmartin
Alan Farry

02nd July 2008

Eugene Kelly

01st July2008

Myles Baden-Walsh

25th June 2008

Thomas Dyer

23rd June 2008

Joanna Sweeney

19th June 2008

Delores Meehan

18th June 2008

Helena Bannon

03rd June 2008

Caroline Corrigan

02nd June 2008

Marian McGurrin

28th May 2008

Emer Kelly

27th May 2008

Stephen Gorman

26th May 2008

Ian Duffy

22nd May 2008

Michael Cullen

20th May 2008

Sorcha Cannon

19th May 2008

Gerard Gormley
Jessica Tillion
Zara Taylor

'nother Hat Trick of 1st Time passes

10th May 2008

Donnacha Gallagher

28th April 2008

Keith Bredin

22nd April 2008

Sheila Knowles

15th April 2008

Caitriona Geoghegan

14th April 2008

Caroline McCormack

12th April 2008

Orla Howley

04th April 2008

John McCabe

03rd April 2008

Catherine Perry

02nd April 2008

Bernadette Scanlon

01st April 2008

Lorraine Nolan

31st March 2008

Stephen Kennedy
Sean McTiernan

29th March 2008

Sinead McMorrow

28th March 2008

Sinead Davey

27th March 2008

Emer O'Boyle

26th March 2008

Ciaran McDermott

25th March 2008

Siobhan Dwyer

21st March 2008

Siobhan Roddy
Kelsa Mulcahy

20th March 2008

Martin Cotton

19th March 2008

Jamie McSharry

18th March 2008

Stephanie Poirier

10th March 2008

Colin Ryan

07th March 2008

Anonymous -Name removed - By Request

05th March 2008

Ewa Chylinska

03rd March 2008

Aoife Coleman
Kevin Brogan

29th Feb 2008

Gillian Murphy

28th Feb 2008

Jason Farrell
Sean Cosgrave

26th Feb 2008

Kahna Gilligan

25th Feb 2008

Gerard McGettrick
Vincent Barkey

22nd Feb 2008

Mary Skeffington
Trevor Clancy

21st Feb 2008

David Blain

18th Feb 2008

Darren McManus

15th Feb 2008

Michelle Farrell

08th Feb 2008

Lorraine Gormley
Clodagh Watters
Two 1st tmers who shared just 3 grade 2 faults between 'em

07th Feb 2008

Padraig McGarry

05th Feb 2008

Mary McGwynne
Nora Anderson

29th Jan 2008

Kieran McDermott

29th Jan 2008

Kieran McDermott

28th Jan 2008

John Coen

24th Jan 2008

Bushra Kausar

23rd Jan 2008

Conor Duncan

21st Jan 2008

Jonathan Gilligan

15th Jan 2008

Daniel Kelly

14th Jan 2008

John Callaghan

10th Jan 2008

Shane Doherty

08th Jan 2008

Thomas Clancy