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Quiz of Driving Test Questions.

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Warning. These questions are based on IRISH Rules of the Road and, for example the traffic light sequences may be different in other countries.

Whilst every care was taken, nevertheless can accept NO responsiblility if incorrect.

QUESTION #1. You are approaching traffic lights and they change to Amber. What do you do.?

  1. Accelerate - so that you beat the red light
  2. Proceed - if safe to do so.
  3. Stop - Unless unsafe to do so.

QUESTION #2. You get dazzled by the lights of an oncoming car at night do you ?

  1. Switch your main beams back on
  2. Slow down, stop if necessary.
  3. Put on your sunglasses

QUESTION #3 You may stop on a yellow box junction

  1. Never
  2. Only if turning right, your exit is clear and your way is blocked by oncoming traffic
  3. If the car in front does

QUESTION #4. Traffic Light sequence ;- What light follows Red

  1. Green
  2. Amber
  3. Flashing Amber

QUESTION #5. What is the overall stopping distance at 120 Km/h in perfect conditions

  1. 150.9 meters
  2. 075.7 meters
  3. 107.5 Meters

QUESTION #6. How can you judge you are driving at a safe distance behind the car in front. (On a dry road)?

  1. Check your speedometer frequently
  2. Use the 2 Second Rule
  3. Keep 5 car lengths back

QUESTION #7. You intend to turn right at the next roundabout

  1. Stay in the left lane, indicate right and change to the right lane in the roundabout
  2. Indicate right, approach in the right hand lane and stay in the right hand lane
  3. Stay in the left lane

QUESTION #8 Approaching a roudabout, which vehicles have priority.

  1. Vehicles already on the roundabout
  2. Vehicles approaching from the left
  3. Vehicles coming from the major road

QUESTION #9. What is the legal minimum tyre tread depth

  1. 0.06
  2. 0.16
  3. 1.60

QUESTION #10. Bus Lanes. Can Taxis and cyclists use "with- flow" bus lanes

  1. No
  2. Yes
  3. If Vacant

QUESTION #11 Bus Lanes Can cyclists use "contra-flow" bus lanes

  1. During the hours of darkness only
  2. Never
  3. Yes

QUESTION #12 Approaching a major road ahead, what is the 1st road sign you will see.

  1. Warning sign
  2. Stop sign
  3. Yield sign

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