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Oral Test Questions - Ireland

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"New" Rules of the Road

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The questions on this page are taken  from the book "The Driving Test in Ireland "by Des Cummins (By kind permission)

Whilst every care is taken, nevertheless  we can accept NO responsiblility

QUESTION #1. What does a flash from an oncoming car mean.?

  1. You may go.
  2. Have a nice day
  3. Beware of my presence

QUESTION #2.   What are rear fog lights for ?

  1. Night driving
  2. Conditions of poor visibility only
  3. Rain

QUESTION #3     What is the national speed limit.

  1. 60 KPH
  2. None. National, Regional now different speeds - Watch the Speed Limit Signs
  3. 80 KPH

QUESTION #4.     At a stop sign must you always stop.?    

  1. Always, Yes
  2. Not if you can see and nobody is there
  3. You Yield

QUESTION #5.     When driving, what distance should you keep from the car in front .?    

  1. 20 feet
  2. 3 car lengths
  3. 2 Seconds

QUESTION #6.     There are two lines in the centre of the road, one broken, one continous.  When could you cross them

  1. When the continuous white line is on your side
  2. When the broken white line is on your side
  3. Never

QUESTION #7.    What should you do first on approaching a junction 
    Answer 1. Reduce gears
    Answer 2.. Reduce speed
    Answer 3. Signal

  1. Reduce gears
  2. Reduce speed
  3. Signal

QUESTION #8     How would you recognize a zebra crossing

  1. Flashing beacons
  2. Traffic signs
  3. Stop sign

QUESTION #9.     When stopping your vehicle what control do you use first

  1. . Clutch and brake simultaneously
  2. Clutch first, then brake
  3. Brake first, then clutch

QUESTION    #10. Which way should you look at a  junction before entering another road

  1. Left/right/left as often as necessary
  2. Right/left/right as often as necessary
  3. Keep moving your head two ways as necessary

QUESTION    #11  Is a learner driver allowed to drive on a motorway

  1. On weekends and bank holidays
  2. No, never
  3. Yes

QUESTION    #12  What should a pedestrian do to claim priority at a pedestrian crossing (zebra crossing).
    Answer 1. Put foot on crossing, look right,left and right again and when safe, cross.
    Answer 2. Walk out
   Answer 3. Put foot on crossing and go.

  1. Put foot on crossing, look right,left and right again and when safe, cross
  2. Walk out
  3. Put foot on crossing and go

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