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QUESTION #1. What clearance should you normally give to parked vehicles

  1. As much as possible
  2. 2 tyre widths
  3. 3 feet. (Roughly door width)

QUESTION #2. . You are going to overtake the car in front. Do You, Firstly?

  1. Blow your horn, flash your lights and move out briskly
  2. Check for oncoming traffic, check your inside and outside mirrors
  3. Indicate right, Increase speed

QUESTION #3. Preferably, how should an infant be secured in a car. ?

  1. In the boot
  2. They should be secured in a properly anchored child seat or wear a seat belt
  3. On an adults lap

QUESTION #4 When leaving your vehicle what precautions must you take ?-

  1. Switch off the engine apply the handbrake and engage a low gear (either 1st or reverse)
  2. Stop engine, put in neutral and apply the handbrake
  3. Switch off engine, ensure car does not impede traffic flow, park on the pavement if necessary

QUESTION #5. Where do you rest your left foot when driving. ?:-

  1. On the brake
  2. On the clutch
  3. On the footrest (if provided), if not on the floor

QUESTION #6. You are approaching a sharp bend on a narrow road. Do You :-

  1. Blow your horn, flash your lights
  2. Slow down, keep well to the left
  3. Wait until the last moment, then brake sharply

QUESTION #7 On a long journey, to keep alert Do you :-

  1. Put the radio/CD/Tape on full blast
  2. Have air circulation high (get plenty of fresh air), stop for short breaks if possible
  3. Drive as fast as possible, keep alert by watching for speed cameras/traps

QUESTION #8 When can you drive on full headlamp beams in a built up area at night

  1. Never
  2. In heavy rain
  3. When there is no oncoming traffic

QUESTION #9.Your driving, your hand held mobile rings, do you ? :- ?

  1. Answer it, use one hand to drive other to use the phone
  2. Answer it, rest it on your shoulder, keep both hands on the wheel
  3. Pull into a safe position then answer it

QUESTION #10. What is the safest speed to drive at.

  1. The speed limit
  2. At a speed that you can stop within the distance you can see to be clear
  3. Whatever speed the other traffic is driving at

QUESTION #11. You graduate to a bigger more powerful smoother car (VW Golf MK 5 !). What effect will this have on your driving. ?

  1. You will be driving slower
  2. You could be driving faster than you realise
  3. The brakes are very sharp

QUESTION #12. You wish to reverse:-

  1. Check carefully all around before and during the manoeuvre
  2. Reverse as quickly as possible
  3. Sound your horn at regular intervals

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