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Warning Signs for Road Works

Warning signs for road works. These are the same shape as ordinary warning signs but are orange in colour instead of Yellow

Warning Signs for Road Works
works ahead
One-lane cross-
over (out)
One-lane cross-
over (back)
Move to left (one lane) Move to right (one lane)

Warning traffic Signs for Road Works
Move to left (two lanes) Move to right (two lanes) Obs-
truction between lanes
End of obs-
truction between lanes
Start of central reserve or obs-

Road Works lanes diversions
End of central reserve or obs-
Lanes diverge at cross-
Lanes rejoin at cross-
Two-lanes cross-
over (back)
Two-lanes cross-
over (out)

warning lanes Road Work signs
Single lane (for shuttle work-
Two-way traffic Road nar-
rows from left
Road nar-
rows from right
Road nar-
rows on both sides

Warning Signs  lane changes
Offside lane (of two) closed Near-
side lane (of two) closed
Offside lane (of three) closed Near-
side lane (of three) closed
Two offside lanes (of three) closed

Lane closed Warning Signs for Road Works
Two near-
side lanes
(of three) closed. Two alternative styles.
Offside lane (of four) closed near-
side lane (of four) closed
Two offside lanes (of four) closed

Warning Signs for side roads works sites
Two near-
side lanes (of four) closed
Side road on left Side road on right Site access on left Site access on right

Warning Signs for flagman
orary traffic signals ahead
man ahead
Queues likely Hump or ramp Uneven surface

Warning Signs slippery road, loose chip-<br>pings, pedestrian
Slippery road Loose chip-
estrians cross to left
estrians cross to right
head electric cables

Warning Signs for detour at Road Works
Detour ahead Detour to left Detour to right Road closed Div-
erted traffic left

Warning Signs for Div-<br>erted traffic at Road Works
erted traffic
erted traffic
erted traffic
End of detour Detour destination

Information plates at roadworks

Information plates direction and distance at Road Works
Distance Length Direction Direction and Distance End

Information Warning plates at Road Works
ionary speed
Slow Con-
cealed entrance
Type of works Use hard shoulder

Information plate at Road Works
Hard shoulder closed Un-
finished road surface
Barrier Boards Chevron board Speed limit ahead

Warning manual Signs at Road Works

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