Driving Test Ireland

To pass the Irish Driving Test it is necessary to:-

  • Maintain proper control over the vehicle at all times.
  • Show anticipation and awareness
  • Take proper precautions when moving off, stopping, overtaking, changing direction and meeting other traffic.
  • Maintain safe and reasonable progress when driving and when meeting and crossing the path of other vehicles

In order to do the test you must hold a valid Irish Learner permit (formerly known as a provisional driving licence), and have held this for a period of six months prior to driving test date. Also if your first learner permit was issued on or after the the 04th April 2011 you must have completed the "EDT" program. You must also have the use of a suitable vehicle.

You can book the test online at:-

Department of Transport.
Driving Test Online

Contact Details:
Tel Nr.1890 406040 - LoCall ,
outside Ireland on +353 9625000
or by emailing DrivingTest@rsa.ie



Driving Test Online.

See:- More Details:

Oral questions are asked at the start of the test. These are taken from the "Rules of the Road" booklet and the road signs from :- Road Signs1: and Road Signs2:

For your convenience, we have this book on line at :-
rules of the road
Rules of the Road.

(We were the first website to have the Rules of the Road March 2007 version on line and Revision No. 1: February 2008)

The book is available from most book shops and your local public library. Booklet costs 4.00 euro.

If you are using your own car for the test check that it is mechanically sound.  For example, is the handbrake capable of holding the car on the steepest hill in town ?.   Renew wiper blades if worn.

Prior to the test check that brake and indicator lamps are working. Check the indicator lenses are clean and unbroken. If these show a "white" light due to a broken lens the test will not be conducted

Affix  " L"  plates so that they are clearly visible to front and rear. Place on the bumper or car body.  (Only tax, insurance and if applicable NCT discs should be on the windscreen.)  

These plates MAY be placed on the windscreen provided they are clearly visible and do not interfere with your, or the driving testers vision. However the best position is on the body. The windscreen should be kept clear of all unnecessary clutter

If placed on the body ensure they are the correct type, either the ones with a 'sticky' back or the all magnetic ones. Do not use the L plates which use magnetic bar strips or the clingy type which are for interior use only.

Check petrol, oil, coolant and tyre pressures.  Fill the windscreen washer and if possible use a windscreen washer additive.

Remove from the interior mirror all dangly bits.  (air freshner, furry  toys, dice, etc). Consign to the boot everything loose and secure safely. Clean the car, in particular all windows, both inside and outside.

Check not alone that the tax, insurance and if applicable NCT discs are valid but  that  ALL details are correct, for example,that index number on the discs corresponds to number on plate of car and that all print clearly legible.  If anything amiss, obtain replacement from relevant authority.   Remember the DISCS are required.  Letters from the insurance company, the mammy, whatever. will NOT BE ACCEPTED.

The examiner will also ask you the "technical checks". This consists of "show me or tell me" how you would check 3 of the following:-

  • Tyres
  • Lights
  • Reflectors
  • Indicators
  • Horn
  • Engine Oil Level
  • Coolant Level
  • Windscreen Washer Fluid Level
  • Braking Fluid level
  • Power Steering Fluid Level

More Detailed Information:-
Irish Driving Test - Technical Checks

Doublecheck date day and time of appointment. Check that your Irish provisional licence/ Learner Permit is valid for the actual day of test.  If 1st learner permit that you have held same for more than six months.


In order to have the optimum chance of passing, take lessons with an ADI registered instructor. Ask your friends or workmates if they can recommend any specific school. Otherwise telephone around and enquire from the school what is their pass rate, have they done any training etc.

See:- Choosing a Driving School.

Or read and perhaps join the forum for more advice and information:-
Learner Driver Forum

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