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Failure of the test. :-

Failure of the test arises where you incur any of the following:-

  • 1 or more Grade 3 faults
  • 4 of the same grade 2 faults, for a single aspect.
  • 6 or more grade 2 faults under the same heading,
  • 9 or more grade 2 faults overall

Up to a maximum of 4 grade 2 faults may be recorded for any single aspect.


Grading of Faults.

Faults are graded as follows.

  • Grade 1 (Green) Minor
  • Grade 2 (Blue) More Serious
  • Grade 3 (Orange) Dangerous, Potentially Dangerous or total disregard of traffic controls

Grade 1

Grade 1 faults do not affect the test result.



A combination of 3 or more unanswered or incorrectluy answered questions on the Rules of the Road/checks, constitutes a grade 2 fault. (Checks include doors closed safely, the headrest, mirrors, seat and seat-belts adjustment, and for motorcyclists, helmet, gloves, boots and protective clothing)


3 or more hand signals not demonstrated or incorrectly demonstrated constitutes a grade 2 fault.


3 or more secondary controls not demonstrated correctly consitutes a grade 2 fault.  (Secondary controls include temperature controls, fan, air vents, rear window heater (demister) wipers, windscreen washer, light switches, air intake control, rear fog light and air conditioner, if fitted.


Not operating a secondary control as required during the practical test also constitutes a fault.


Technical Checks all Categories.

Inability to describe a check on 3 or more of the following constitutes a Grade 2 fault.


The tyres, lights, indicators, reflectors, engine oil, coolant, windscreen washer fluid, steering, brakes and horn. Where necessary, the bonnet should be opened and closed safely. 


What this means

You Fail if, in Grade 2 you get:-

"4 in a row"

6 in any one segment. ie "Position", or "Progress"

9 Overall

Just 1 Grade 3 and Bye - Bye

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