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Standard Procedure for Conducting Driving Tests

Verbal Feedback

  1. Before handing the Pass or Fail Certificate, and the Driving Test Feedback Form to the applicant, the tester should give some brief verbal feedback on some aspects of their test.
  2. When giving feedback, the tester should show the debrief screen to the applicant and proceed to explain and display the marks on the screen on the tablet device, and, in the case of an unsuccessful applicant, that one (or more) of the threshold points was reached during the test.
  3. The tester should then deliver the feedback, based closely on the training course guidelines. The terminology to be used should begin with “An example of this type of fault would be…” The example should refer to the type of fault which was incurred, without referring to the actual fault itself, or to where it occurred on the route. However, in some exceptional cases, the tester may confirm the relevance of a particular fault, or location, if the tester is satisfied that it would be beneficial to do so. Where necessary, the applicant may be informed that further information is available in the

    ‘Rules of the Road’,

    and in the leaflet

    ‘Preparing for your Driving Test’.

    Candidates can also be informed that there is a suite of Learner Driver Manuals available in bookshops for cars, buses, bikes and trucks which may assist them when they are practicing their driving.

  4. Where an applicant has incurred 9 or more separate faults, the tester should merely tell the applicant that, as can be seen on the debrief screen, there are a number of areas where further development is needed.
  5. Where more than 2 major fault aspects are marked, the tester should limit the feedback to 2/3 aspects, and tell the applicant that there are other areas where further development is needed.
  6. Where the tester forms the opinion that an applicant may become aggressive, or emotionally upset, or where language difficulties may arise, the tester may decide not to offer feedback, or to curtail it, if it has commenced. Where necessary, the tester should paraphrase briefly, and conclude by saying – “I am not permitted to discuss the details of the test.”
  7. A typical verbal feedback session should not last any longer than 30-60 seconds.
  8. Where the applicant refuses feedback, the Certificate and Feedback Form should then be issued..